Thursday, April 18, 2019

Richardson Hosts Free Book Giveaway At Amazon from April 18th-22nd

It is a blessing to be able to return to The Center for Theological Studies (CTS) to make yet another announcement.
I have partnered with Amazon to offer a free Kindle book giveaway on three of my four published books. The titles are as follows:

1) Lydia's Heart: The Case for Prevenient Grace

2) Doctrinal Deception: Responding to Carlton Pearson's The Gospel of Inclusion

3) More Doctrinal Deception: Bishop Carlton Pearson's Inclusion, Further Examined

Remember, as I said above, only Kindle Books on the above three titles are free. As for paperback versions of these books, I have discounted the books to "at cost" -- meaning I'll make next to nothing on the sales. Amazon will get the profit. I get the satisfaction of seeing folks pick up copies of books to aid them on their Christian journey. Lydia's Heart: The Case for Prevenient Grace, a book I published on December 15, 2018, has been discounted from $22.50 to $14.50. Of the new discounted cost on the book, I'll only see a profit of 50 cents. Literally. I'm THAT determined to get books into the hands of those who've been wanting the titles but are paralyzed financially right now and have bigger financial problems to worry about.

The Amazon free book giveaway starts today, April 18th, and goes through SonRise Sunday (April 21st, known to many as Easter) to Monday, April 22nd. The giveaway lasts only 5 days, so don't put off tomorrow what you can pick up today.

Write back and let me know if you've picked up any of these three books, and the titles you downloaded on Kindle. If you decide to purchase the paperbacks, let me know which titles.

I look forward to hearing about your purchased titles. If I can be of service, please feel free to let me know.

In Him, Deidre

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